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ClaimTek's Medical Billing Business Programs

ClaimTek Market Position

Local And National Recognition

ClaimTek's Medical Billing Business Programs

ClaimTek was chosen as one of the top 20 low-cost business startups by Small Business Opportunities Magazine in its January 2016 issue.

ClaimTek's Medical Billing Business Programs

ClaimTek received Best-of-Irvine city business award for 2015. In 2012, ClaimTek was rated #2 of top ten business opportunities.

ClaimTek's Medical Billing Business Programs

ClaimTek was featured on the cover story in “Opportunity World” Magazine in the July 2001 issue, including several success stories.

ClaimTek's Medical Billing Business Programs

ClaimTek was mentioned as best program in Rick Benzel's bestseller, "Making Money in a Health Service Business on Your Home-Based PC",  published by McGraw-Hill.

ClaimTek's Medical Billing Business Programs

ClaimTek was featured as the cover story in a second publication: “Money N Profits” magazine in the August 2001 issue, highlighting more success stories.

ClaimTek's Medical Billing Business Programs

ClaimTek was featured in a lengthy 3-page article in “Small Business Opportunities” Magazine in the Nov. 2001 issue and again in 2006 as one of the top 10 startups.


ClaimTek owns federally registered trademarks for our company and software: ClaimTek®, MedOffice® & DentOffice®. ClaimTek allows you to leverage our trademarks to promote your business.


ClaimTek is the developer and owner of its software applications. Programming takes place at our headquarters in Orange County, CA. As a result, we have the full ability to customize additional features as we see necessary for our clients' interests.


ClaimTek has a proven, traceable record since 1993. The company runs a billing operation in Orange County CA, develops its own software, and develops its own marketing tools based on active involvement in the marketplace.

How We Help You Make Money

1 We Make it Easy to Make Money

Low Cost

ClaimTek’s software cost of ownership is the lowest in the industry, which means more profits in your pocket. For example: If you use ClaimTek’s Cloud software and have 5 doctors to bill for, your cost can be as low as $99 per month compared with around $1,300 per month with competitive systems. Another example: If you have 10 doctors, your cost using ClaimTek cloud software can be as low as $160 per month compared with $2,600 in the marketplace. ClaimTek’s cloud software costs about 10% of what you would pay with other systems. Even better, you can eliminate this cost entirely by installing the software on your local computer!

High Income

In addition to the diverse list of medical and dental billing and all the practice management consulting services you can offer with our system, ClaimTek allows you to make even more money by expanding your list of professional services. You can earn considerable income from EHR software services, electronic fund transfer (EFT), collections solutions, document management, well-care services, physician credentialing, remote-backup services, audit protection, coding services and more. ClaimTek is in constant research and development mode to evaluate and bring more viable services for you to resell and profit from in your local and national markeplace.


ClaimTek offers you an impressive Reseller Status! As a ClaimTek's Value Added Reseller (VAR), you can make great income reselling MedOffice®, DentOffice® & EHR Manager, as well as consulting services! You can resell software (in case the provider insists on doing billing in-house), making up to 100% margins! You can provide the software as a service (SaaS) and collect monthly fees. And, you can make more money by offering optional training & support! Plus, you'll create on-going contact and service opportunities as you help doctors with various consulting services! Resellers typically make $80-$150 per hour consulting and training doctors and their staff.

2 We Empower Your Skills And Work With You


ClaimTek provides comprehensive business training that goes beyond the nuts and bolts of software. We prepare you for a successful career in medical billing. We teach you all about software functionality, marketing intricacies, effective presentations, and daily operations. You’ll also learn all about the value-added services that make your company the leader in your market. We provide years of personalized, one-on-one training and consultation through our BCTC business training program (Business Consulting, Training, and Coaching), so you get specific help with growing your business when you really need it -- not just when you are barely getting started.


As a new ClaimTek licensee, you'll enjoy an incredible marketing training program! You'll learn effective proven techniques to market your services. ClaimTek provides stunning websites and professionally designed print and digital marketing materials to give your company the professional image it needs. You'll have thousands of marketing collateral for your use (postcards, brochures, flyers, booklets, presentation flip-charts, folders...etc.). You’ll learn how to conduct an effective marketing campaign including proven appointment-setting and presentation techniques. And even more, we can help you secure guaranteed appointments with doctors!


ClaimTek offers comprehensive software and business support. Besides the personal attention of a designated training specialist, you'll also have a dedicated support department ready to address any of your needs. Just like our training program, support covers all aspects of your business including software questions, billing know-how, marketing as well as questions on daily operations. Support also includes free software updated and upgrades!

Emergency Support Service (ESS)

ClaimTek provides unique Emergency Support Services or ESS! We're there for you in case of an emergency. You are never alone in keeping your business running smoothly. We can handle your business for you if you need to be away on vacation or illness.

3 We Equip You With State-Of-The-Art Software

Practice Management

Medical, Dental, and EHR! ClaimTek's programs integrate advanced & modern medical and dental billing software along with robust EHR and ancilliary systems designed to increase efficiency and add more clients to your medical billing business.

ClaimTek's software gives you the power to process all types of Medical and Dental claims. You can process the CMS-1500 used by most specialties and the CMS-1450 (UB-04) used by hospitals, and a number of different specialties. Start your marketing campaign with full confidence!

Client Acquisition

ClaimTek invented new unique suite of software that can help you market and operate your business with ultimate efficiency: MD Practice Analysis Wizard™, MD Code Reviewer™, MD Contact Manager™.

Endless Client Acquisition Options! The above opens the door to market to any specialty. With the Affordable Healthcare Act there are more people insured and new procedures covered by insurance than ever before. You need to be able to capitalize on any opportunity and stay ahead of the changing health care landscape. ClaimTek’s software will help you do that!


With ClaimTek, you have multiple choices for clearinghouse. ClaimTek's software can submit claims to many clearinghouses nationwide. You are not limited to one like in the case of most browser-based systems. When you have your own business, you need the freedom of choice. If you become dissatisfied with one clearinghouse for one reason or another, you can choose another clearinghouse without interrupting your business or being forced to change your software. With ClaimTek, you can even use different clearinghouses for different clients and as a reseller, earn residual income from clearinghouse fees!


ClaimTek's software can work on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or accessed on the cloud. You have choices and control on how to operate your business. Software that is strictly accessed through the web had advantages and disadvantages. Read about the differences.


Access software on the cloud, install locally on your computer, or create your own cloud system! All options are yours! This translates into low-costs, extra income, and formidable marketing tools. ClaimTek software can be moved between different platforms! It is interchangeable and interoperable.


ClaimTek’s software offers hundreds of analytical and graphical reports, making it highly desirable by healthcare providers and professional billers. This impressive reporting capability can help you greatly in attarcting and convincing doctors during your marketing presentations.

Be Aware...

Many companies focus on having you "assume" the benefits of buying a system without providing detailed information on the tools or the features of program components. But, of course, you need to make good decisions by learning more about the details before you invest. After you make your purchase, it is usually the details that will bring the benefits alive. If you have the right tools, you'll be most competitive, credible and convincing in your presentation and, ultimately, succeed in your venture.