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Medical Billing Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q. There are so many options for starting a business, why should I start a medical billing company?
Q. I don't know anything about medical billing, can I really learn enough to get clients?
Q. How do I get clients?
Q. Is there any special assistance to help with marketing?
Q. How long will it take to get my first clients?
Q. Buying a medical billing business program is not inexpensive. Why should I spend that much money on starting my business this way?

The Market for Medical Billing and Competition

Q. Is there room for me in the medical billing marketplace?
Q. Will I have a lot of competitors?
Q. How much money can I make by having a medical billing business?
Q. Why does ClaimTek believe medical billing will not become obsolete in the future by automation using the Internet?
Q. If medical billing is so easy to learn, why don’t doctor's just do it themselves?

Doing Business With ClaimTek

Q. Is this a franchise? Will I need to pay ClaimTek royalties on my earnings?
Q. How does ClaimTek differ from other medical billing business opportunity sellers?
Q. Do you offer a medical billing certification?

Marketing to Doctors

Q. How does ClaimTek help me start my business and get clients?
Q. How can I inspire doctors to call me or agree to an appointment so I can sell my services?
Q. If a doctor already has a biller in their office or is using an outside billing service, how can I capture their business?

Training for the business

Q. What is the difference between ClaimTek’s training vs. that furnished by other Medical Billing sellers?
Q. How long does the training last?
Q. Do you offer other ways to reinforce my learning in addition to your instructor-led training?
Q. I have never been a salesperson. Do you think I can sell this service, not being an experienced salesperson?
Q. Do I need business or computer experience to start a medical billing business?
Q. Do I need to know medical terminology to start this business?

Operating your business

Q. How much time do I need to spend on my business day to day?
Q. What happens if I need to hire employees for my growing business?
Q. What type of doctors can I do billing for?
Q. How do I get paid?
Q. What type of expenses will I incur running a medical billing business?
Q. Are there any legal liabilities of medical billers?
Q. Do I need a contract with the doctors and healthcare providers who sign up with me?
Q. If I need to leave town for a few days to attend to some other business, visit a relative, or go on vacation, how can I continue to service my doctors?
Q. Have there been any changes lately in how the medical billing business operates and what can we expect in the future?

ClaimTek® software

Q. Why do you say that your MedOffice program is the best and most advanced software?
Q. What is meant by using MedOffice “on the cloud”?
Q. Why would I want to give doctors a FREE copy of the MedOffice software?
Q. What does a USER mean in the MedOffice software?
Q. What about software upgrades? How often do you do them and how do I get it?
Q. What is an electronic medical records system? And how do I sell that?
Q. What does becoming a "Reseller" with ClaimTek mean?
Q. You have indicated that your software is able to accept voice dictation. What does that mean?
Q. What is a procedure code review? Is this mandatory for doctors?


Q. What type of support do you offer after the initial training?