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Medical Billing Services - Practice Management

One of the most increasingly desirable (and often mandatory!) programs a doctor can provide his patients is a well-care services program. In order for medical professionals to maintain their role as the most trusted source of healthcare information and service, they must realize a proactive patient outreach service is necessary. Unfortunately, most practices do not have the additional staff, management time, or training necessary for an effective well-care program.

ClaimTek helps you fill this important service gap by providing the materials and training necessary to start your own well-care program service or add it to your existing service offerings.

As a well-care service provider, you manage your doctor's outreach program to help them maintain communication with their patients. Your service will provide a custom service to each doctor client, consisting of letters and postcards to remind patients of their needs for various services, such as check-ups, testing, immunizations, etc. In this way, you help the doctor maintain a positive pro-active relationship with their clients, one that goes beyond just treating them when they are sick.

Government estimates show the need for healthcare increasing dramatically in the next decade. Managed healthcare will become more prevalent, and most managed healthcare systems require doctors to have a well-care program. Now is the opportune time to offer a Well-Care Management Service, and make a solid business foundation in this growing field.

The program sells itself to physicians because it provides these benefits:

  • Promotes and Maintains Patient Relationships
  • Keeps Office Staff Focused on Helping Care for Current Patients
  • Builds the Medical Practice and Increases Profits
  • Complements Any Existing Customer Care Programs
  • Pays for Itself as Patients Respond to The Program
  • Gives the Doctor More Time to Be A Doctor

ClaimTek's expertise in this field will give you the foundation you need to start this successful and rewarding business. We'll get you going with:

  • Training
  • Sample Letters, Postcards and Scripts.
  • Professional Full-Color Marketing Brochures

Get On Track With this Professional Service and Let ClaimTek Show You How!

Medical Billing Services - Practice Management

Sample Marketing Items that Promote Well Care Services

Medical Billing Services - Practice Management