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HL-7 Connectivity Software

2-Way HL7 Interface with EMR/EHR Systems

Streamline Data Flow Between MedOffice and EHR Software.
Help Your Doctor-Client Become Most Productive!

MedOffice Cloud
HL-7 bridges your MedOffice billing system with doctor's EHR system. It helps you and clinics go paperless!
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Connect Your MedOffice

Connect MedOffice Cloud to any HL7-Compliant EHR Cloud system.

Connect Your MedOffice

Connect your own MedOffice cloud to any HL7-Compliant EHR cloud on your cloud server or elsewhere.

Connect Your MedOffice

Connect your locally installed MedOffice to any HL7-Compliant EHR Cloud or local server installation.
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Web - My Own Cloud
Desktops, Laptops, Tablets
Recommended For:
Users who use ClaimTek's cloud server and would rather not worry about the security and loss of data.
Recommended For:
Users who want to establish their own cloud and control all aspects of their business. This is a profit center.
Recommended For:
Users who want to keep full control of their business locally and/or give control to doctors in clinics.

Easily Send and receive vital information between MedOffice and EHR software!

ClaimTek provides a seamless interface that bridges MedOffice practice management with HL7-compliant EHR systems. Users can transfer patient and appointment records from MedOffice to EHR and transfer claims information from EHR to MedOffice. Users have the choice to view and validate the transfer in the HL7 module before committing to MedOffice or the EHR system.

Another useful feature the HL7 interface is that it allows for transfers of patient demographics from EHR to MedOffice as well! This means that if doctors are currently using an EHR system, for which a link has been established, they could easily move all of patient demographics to MedOffice right away.

MedOffice Cloud
Medical Billing - HL7

Simple Installation!

ClaimTek's HL-7 installation is a breeze. It is as simple as placing a folder anywhere on your PC and executing one file. After just a few minutes of one-time setup you're ready to send and receive data!

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Reseller Status: Guaranteed HL7 reseller status provided with our Director program packages.