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Medical Billing Services - Practice Management

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Outsourcing is common practice for all doctors, dentists included.

More Dentists today choose to work with a medical/dental billing & practice management business so they can better concentrate on their dental profession. Outsourcing is seen as a popular and beneficial business decision that simply speaking has become a necessity for many dentists and here’s why.

Dentists' offices must deal with two layers involving the work day. On one hand, dentists must obey their oath and treat their patients in the best way they know possible. On the other hand, dentists are faced with the task of perpetuating a 'business'.

Unfortunately, to pay the bills and stay in business, a dental practice must attend to several administrative choirs besides health duties. Daily practice management responsibilities interrupt a dentist’s workflow and therefore they’re faced with the dilemma of either delegating business responsibilities or the loss of patient care. This is an uncomfortable situation for most dentists’ offices; so, many choose to outsource their medical billing and other practice management duties to a specialist.

ClaimTek’s Medical billing and practice management services address a variety of tasks for a dentist, so they can better serve their patients and focus on their primary roles as a health care provider. Think of it this way, with DentOffice you’ll be able to offer different levels of services and the software technology to fit different dentist’s needs. Services like:

Traditional and Advanced Billing Services.

  • Electronic and Paper Claims Processing, Submission and Verification.
  • Payment Postings, Follow-Up Payments and Collections
  • Manage of Patients Statements, Patient Payment Concerns, Electronic Transfers
  • Trouble shooting Insurance Payments, Code Reviews and Dentist Regulations

The process of dental billing and business management is meticulous work. Many dentists may not have the time to learn and their staff may not have the time to dedicate to doing the job efficiently or the software technology or knowhow to process claims electronically.

DentOffice Practice Management Software.

How about the need for dental software technology? Aside from mastering the computers and devices germane to their specialized area of medicine, a dentist needs to master the frontend software of their practice to manage patients' appointments, contact information, insurance data, etc. With DentOffice you’ll be able to address these needs for the dental practice.

For dentists, it comes down to having the ability to focus on what is most important to their profession - addressing the needs of their patients. Doctors need to devote full attention to their patients and bettering their understanding of their profession. Administrative tasks are better left to outsourced parties.

Medical Billing Services - Practice Management