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Electronic Medical Records (EMR/EHR)

A Fast-Growing Income Opportunity in the Medical Field

Medical Billing Services - Practice Management

ClaimTek’s program puts you way ahead of other billing services because you'll be authorized to be a distributor of a leading EMR/EHR software.

A new wave is about to transform a key aspect of medical care in the United States (Read about stimulus package benefits). Finally, after years of resistance, doctors are realizing that they can achieve significant cost savings and substantial gains in their efficiency by using computers and software right in their offices for maintaining patient records. The old days are about to disappear in which doctors handwrite their patient charts and assistants then sort and file them into thousands of folders, one for each patient, to be stored in filing cabinets. More and more doctors are open to the digitalization of the entire medical record process.

This makes complete sense because paper records are the bane of the medical office. Handwritten paper medical records are cumbersome, difficult to read, easy to lose, even easier to misfile, and often end up being incomplete. And each time a patient comes in, there’s the time wasted in finding the files and re-filing them at the end of the visit.

In contrast, an EMR system makes the entire process of patient record keeping easier, more accurate and comprehensive, and more efficient. With an EMR system, doctors use specialized software that allows them to enter their patient records electronically. The software stores the patient information on a server and each patient’s complete history is available instantly, including digitized copies of x-rays, lab results, prescriptions ordered and other necessary medical data. Physicians can use their desktop, laptop, or an electronic clipboard-type computer to navigate through their patient charts and record notes. EMR software also coordinates with their medical billing software, including ClaimTek’s MedOffice, such as transferring diagnosis and procedural codes in order to facilitate the billing process after each patient visit.

The huge market for EMR software is hardly scratched. Some EMR software providers are experiencing double digit growth each year. According to some of the EMR software companies, only about 10 percent of doctors in practices with 10 or less providers currently keep their records electronically. However, as doctors realize that paper records cost them far too much and as privacy and confidentiality laws (such as those in HIPAA) increasingly makes it difficult for doctors to run a paper-based practice, health care providers will soon begin clamoring for EMR software that can integrate with the practice management system.

ClaimTek will help you capitalize on this spectacular potential that EMR offers. In helping set you as a distributor of EMR software, ClaimTek is yet again showing you that we are the most knowledgeable, forward-thinking company in the medical billing field. We have done the work to set you with a leading EMR software company that specializes in small clinics and medical practices, whose program is completely Certified, is customizable, and can fulfill the charting and organizing needs of nearly any medical practice. Even if a doctor does not hire you to do their medical billing, you can still make a lucrative sale of EMR software – in the range of $10,000 and up– on which you will make a handsome commission. Additionally, our elite MedOffice software can integrate seamlessly with many EMR systems in the marketplace through industry-standard protocol for integrating healthcare application called HL7 (Health Level 7). This advanced data-transfer system makes it possible to integrate with any EMR that is HL7-compliant. No other company selling medical billing software and a business opportunity can do this for you.

Why work with imitators? Start your medical billing business with the most advanced company around – ClaimTek®.

Medical Billing Services - Practice Management

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Medical Billing Services - Practice Management