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Income Potential From MyCloud


Extra Income Projections

This section simulates income potential from advanced services such as owning your own cloud system. It calculates future earnings and Return on Investment (ROI).

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Medical Billing - Income Potential

 Income Potential with your Own Cloud System

As a ClaimTek client, you’ll enjoy extreme low pricing to access MedOffice on the cloud. However, you may want to eliminate this fee entirely by setting up your own cloud for MedOffice! This way you can turn up your income potential by charging doctors competitively to use your MedOffice or provide it free if you handle their billing! The table below represents a realistic view of what you could expect to earn running your own cloud system:

Your Target Market: Health Care Providers

This analysis remains highly competitive with the marketplace. You can generate profit having just one account hosted! Of course, results will vary for different individuals based on factors like efforts, business acumen...etc.