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Income Potential From Medical Billing Services

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What Income do I Expect From a Medical/Dental Billing Service?

The billing operations is at the heart of your medical billing & practice management business. It brings a steady monthly income to your business. When you do a great job at it, you'll enjoy a strong business bond with your clients that allows you to cross-sell additional services. We're providing here some tools you can use to make your own realistic and scientific income projections. Below are two Income calculators:

Income Calculators:

Simple Income Calculator

Detailed Income Calculator

ClaimTek's Medical Billing Business Programs

This tool lets you do a fast calculation of your potential gross income from medical billing. It does not take into account business expenses.

ClaimTek's Medical Billing Business Programs

This tool allows you to perform detailed analysis of your potential income over time. It takes your estimated monthly projections over four quarters (1 year) plus an estimate of your ultimate goal. It then calculates your gross quarterly and annual income, expenses, net income and cash flows.


Sample Income Projections:

Income Year 1
(build-up to 4 doctors
over 4 quarters)

Year 2

4 doctors – (no assistant)



5 doctors – (no assistant)



6 doctors – (1 assistant @$2500 Expense/mo)



7 doctors – (1 assistant @$2500 Expense/mo)



8 doctors – (1 assistant @$2500 Expense/mo)



9 doctors – (1 assistant @$2500 Expense/mo)



10 doctors – (1 assistant @$2500 Expense/mo)



Additional Income Opportunities Beyond Billing

In addition, the above projections are based only on performing billing. You can add other services to your business that will increase your income potential. Revenue can be generated from additional Practice Management Services that ClaimTek sets you up to offer, such as EFT, RBS, Well-Care, Digital Management, Collections, Credentialing, and more. See Profitable Services for more information about each service. Also, you may review income potential from ancillary services here.

Download Instructions for Using Income Calculators

Detailed Calculation Document