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Medical Billing Marketing

The Business Survey & Audit

Inspire Doctors to Call You for Appointments!

ClaimTek will teach you how to offer audits to doctors through the Business Survey. This survey was designed to make Doctors aware of billing problems they are currently experiencing with rejected or delayed claims due to improper coding and/or inaccurate claims transmission. The survey takes just a few minutes of their time to complete. In exchange for completing and returning the Business Survey, you offer healthcare providers two vital services, at no charge:

Medical Billing Marketing

Procedure Code Analysis (PCA): The PCA is an analysis of doctors' procedure codes. It is a service that healthcare providers need to have performed at least once annually. A typical PCA usually costs medical facilities hundreds of dollars! You can perform the PCA by using our MD Code Reviewer software.

Billing Cost Analysis (BCA): This analysis compares the precise cost of the doctor's in-house billing operation to that of the national average. BCA helps doctors determine where in their business to cut expenses and makes them aware of the savings and benefits of outsourcing their billing to an outside billing service. You perform the BCA by using our dynamic MD Practice Analysis Wizard software.