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Don't Waste Time Prospecting… ClaimTek Supplies You with Sales Leads. Names, Addresses, Types of Specialties Included!


ClaimTek goes much further than any other company. It is our desire and our commitment to you to see that you have virtually everything you need to succeed in this business.

To that end, we provide you with a list of potential prospects in your area. This customized list contains names, addresses and telephone numbers of at least 300 potential Medical and Dental sales leads in your area! This fantastic list will get you off to a running start quickly and effectively. Your list targets prospects from individuals to small clinics where the need for outsourcing is typically highest. These leads are grouped into categories based on the type of specialty. This categorization helps you when you want to focus your marketing efforts on one specific group at a time.

The list of potential clients comes loaded into the MDCM software for increased efficiency (see the MDCM software under the software chapter). Through the MDCM, you can track all contacts and administrate your callbacks, sales appointments, and correspondence.