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ClaimTek creates its own advanced billing systems, so you are not dealing with a company selling you a basic third-party system they do not control. When you work with ClaimTek, you are working directly with the software developer and billing company. This is significant for many reasons, one of the most vital: Our company is responsible for your support on software and billing questions. With third party software, you may get lost trying to figure out who's supposed to answer your questions: Is it the software company? Is it the company that sold you the billing system? You may get pushed and pulled between the two and accountability becomes elusive. This is something you don't need especially when the stakes are high for your new company.

ClaimTek's MedOffice & DentOffice software are modern, feature-rich, versatile systems that can handle all types of specialties! They're programmed using Microsoft's .NET language and SQL database engine. This means solid stability, robust number-crunching, and beautiful, easy-to-use interface. Our software contains 100s of analytic and graphic business reports that can be created with thousands of variations. Doctors will want to see selected reports on monthly or daily basis. You can run MedOffice & DentOffice on your local machine or access it remotely from anywhere around the world! You won't get such depth and versatility elsewhere. Software is the cornerstone of your business. ClaimTek software can help you operate and even market your business! Medical billing & practice management is a service-based industry and as such, the journey is just as important as the destination (which is establishing a successful business). If the ride on your journey is bumpy, uncomfortable, and with many unexpected stops along the way, your service and confidence levels can get shaky and affects the desired outcome.

ClaimTek remains a professional medical billing service. We practice the business that we teach you. This is important because changes in the healthcare industry are frequent. As an end-user it's vital for your business to have a proactive company behind you that keeps you abreast of such changes at all times with software updates that will keep you ahead of the necessary changes you’ll need to know.