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ClaimTek AI

Dramatically increase billing productivity!

Maximize business profitability with ClaimTek AI!

You can now automate 50% or more of the billing process with ClaimTek’s new artificial intelligence to help you work faster and more accurately, allowing each biller to take on more accounts and generate more profit for your business.

Take your billing business to the next level by implementing automation and artificial intelligence!

Connect your billing software to ANY (EHR) Electronic Medical Record system on the market! With ClaimTek AI you will no longer need to worry about what software a medical provider is using for you to work and service their practice. You can work with them all and support any provider in healthcare with ClaimTek Systems and ClaimTek AI. By creating seamless communications from system to system to improve accuracy and efficiency of data migration and claims data uploads to the clearinghouses, ClaimTek AI has the ability to replace medical billing employees and staff members to allow a single biller to handle what would normally take 2-3 full time employees!

Higher Rate
of Accuracey

Claim Denials

Scale Business With Less Hiring Cost


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MedOffice Cloud

How it Works:

• To implement the use of ClaimTek AI for any billing account, we’ll first map the EHR software and workflow to MedOffice as well as the claim data file upload to the clearinghouse of your choice. (One-Time Fee of $500) (2-4 Weeks for Mapping)

• Once the mapping is completed and customized to your liking the AI will automatically run on a daily basis to pull all patient and claims data from the EHR system of your choice to your MedOffice medical management software system to create the claim file and upload the claim file to the clearinghouse of your choice on a daily basis as seen in our demo video. (Monthly AI Auto Workflow - $200)


Managing 5 average doctor clients could take one medical biller 40-hours a week to handle. An average account ranges between $2,000-3,000 a month in revenue for our business owner. Meaning 1 medical billing employee could bring in between $10,000-15,000 a month for a ClaimTek Licensee business owner. With ClaimTek AI that workload could be reduced to as little as 15 hours per week. Allow the same employee to now manage 10 or more average accounts per month and increasing the Licensee owners income per employee to $20,000-30,000 per month.