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Electronic Revenue Cycle

ClaimTek's Electronic Medical Billing

ELECTRONIC MEDICAL BILLING can best be described as the efficient electronic processing of insurance claims. Claims are submitted to a clearinghouse which edits, formats and transmits them to the proper insurance company or government agency. If errors are found, you, the medical billing professional, will be notified electronically immediately by the clearinghouse. You then correct the errors and resubmit for final processing. Because you will be using ClaimTek's specialized electronic medical billing software, the possibilities of making mistakes are few. After filing your first 25-50 claims, you'll know exactly what to look for in proofing each claim before you submit it to the clearinghouse. Electronic medical billing includes more than the electronic processing of claims. With ClaimTek’s software, you can also receive electronic payments information (ERA) from insurance companies for instantaneous posting in your systems, saving you hours of labor! You can also process patient statements electronically! In essence, you can perform the entire billing cycle electronically giving you the best revenue cycle management capabilities in the industry!

With MedOffice Medical Billing Software,
The Electronic Revenue Cycle is Fast & Easy.

Medical Billing Business Opportunity

Manual vs. Electronic Analysis

Manual Medical Billing

  • Just 70% of Claims Paid
  • 45-120 Wait for Payment
  • High Costs
  • 20-25% Rejection Rate
  • Extensive Follow-Up
  • Manual Posting of Payments
  • Manual Processing of Patient Statements

Electronic Medical Billing

  • Over 99% Paid
  • 7-21 Days to Payment
  • Low Costs
  • 1% Rejection Rate
  • Little or No Follow-Up
  • Electronic Posting of Payments’ Information*
  • Electronic Processing of Patient Statements*
*ClaimTek software is capable of these great features. Not all software in the market offers this.

Benefits of the Electronic Revenue Cycle Management

1. Electronic Medical Billing is a Sound Business Decision:

2. Electronic Medical Billing Drastically Improves Claims Accuracy:

3. Electronic Medical Billing is a Guaranteed Delivery System:

4. Electronic Medical Billing Results in the Reduction of Administrative Costs for the Practice: