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Save Time with Ready-to-Use Professional Sales Letters, Press Releases, Marketing Forms, Legal Contracts & Agreements, Appointment-Setting Scripts and More...

All forms are included on a CD for easy customization.

Professional Sales Letters to Doctors & Office Managers:

Medical Billing Marketing

These powerful letters are effective. They’re professionally written and easy to understand. You can use them as the backbone for all your marketing efforts, since they act as templates for most types of letters you need to send. Over a dozen letters are included in print copy and on disk -- all you need to do is customize them or alter them to suit your needs.

Press Releases:

Medical Billing Marketing

Press (news) releases are very important to any business. But especially to a new business. In addition, they don’t cost you anything. They actually pay if they get you publicity. And these will!

These powerful releases describe your business and the services offered. They can be personalized and mailed to all publications in your service area. These news releases will also be included in both print copy and on disk for your convenience. That means you can email them to business news editors and reporters rather than mail them if that's their preferred method of receiving releases.

Forms, Proposals and Legal Contracts:

Medical Billing Marketing

Multiple sample proposals and several legal contracts are included to save you time and money. Each one of these documents would cost you hundreds of dollars if prepared by your attorney. The ones we provide can be easily personalized with your company information. Like all other documents, they are included in both MS Word and simple text formats.

Appointment Setting Scripts:

Medical Billing Marketing
  • Telephone Appointment Setting Script - Survey Style
  • Telephone Appointment Setting Script - Discussion Style
  • Telephone Appointment-Setting Script - Presentation Style
  • Appointment-Setting Details Sheet
  • Rebuttals Script
  • Appointment Suggestions Outline

Billing Survey & Analysis Forms:

Medical Billing Marketing
  • Billing Cost Analysis Form
  • Billing Cost Analysis Sample Report
  • Billing Code Analysis Sample Report
  • Full Practice Management Survey
  • Full Practice Analysis Sample Report
  • Pricing Formula

Marketing Schedule to Guide You Step by Step:

Medical Billing Marketing

Our Marketing & Advertising Package comes with a Marketing Schedule that tells you what to do step-by-step, when to do it and how to do it. This package is integrated together to maximize your chances and efforts so you’ll get your first account easily and quickly!

Billing Service Marketing Essentials:

  • Medical Billing \"Check Your IQ\" Quiz: Questions & Answers
  • Benefits of Electronic Filing and Outsourcing
  • Quick list of Benefits of Outsourcing
  • Quick Outline of Our Billing Services
  • Facts about Electronic Filing and Founder of Company Info
  • Collection Presentation Script
  • Medical Billing Professionals Code of Ethics

Billing Service Operation Essentials:

  • Insurance Follow up Form
  • Insurance Verification Form
  • HIPAA Glossary
  • Proposed Privacy Modifications
  • HIPAA at a Glance
  • HIPAA Model Compliance Plan-Extension
  • HIPAA Fax
  • HIPAA Quiz
  • HIPAA Consent Form
  • HIPAA Model Compliance Plan-Extension