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Marketing Your New Medical Billing Business

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ClaimTek Marketing System

When you work with ClaimTek, you don't have to worry about what you are going to do to market your new business. Even if you know very little about marketing a business, our system is virtually foolproof.

The reason is, we provide you with the "ClaimTek 4-Part PowerMarketing Toolkit for Entrepreneurial Success". This is a complete kit that contains FOUR very powerful marketing elements. We invite you to examine the extensive professional items below and to visit our video presentation page to learn more about marketing your new medical billing business.

ClaimTek Marketing Program Will Show You How to:

  • Practice proven methods for getting immediate appointments and making yourself memorable.
  • Learn approaches for gaining immediate rapport with doctors and office managers.
  • Become effective and persuasive in your presentation techniques.
  • Gain respect. Discover the right way to answer numerous objections that you may have from office managers and doctors.
  • Learn how to get the jump on your competition, by customizing your service and charges to fit the practices' needs.
  • Learn how to define a systematic approach to planning your marketing and advertising campaign. Discover when to use traditional vs. non-traditional marketing techniques.
  • Learn how to utilize the media and how to get FREE publicity for your business.

Other me-too companies have all tried to imitate what we do, but none of them compare with the proven effectiveness of our comprehensive program. The “ClaimTek 4-Part Automated PowerMarketing Toolkit for Entrepreneurial Success” is unmatched in the industry. No one provides you with the tools and techniques you need to be successful in marketing like ClaimTek does.