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Principal Program: $29,995                 

ClaimTek's Medical Billing Business Programs

Our Principal program offers great value unmatched anywhere else. It includes the following items...


  • MedOffice® Professional Electronic Medical Billing & Practice Management Software, 5-User version ($4,995 retail). Access Online or Install on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, PC or MAC (with Windows OS)! You Can Build Unlimited Databases (FREE Doctor Accounts). See features
  • All Current CPT, ICD-10, HCPCS Codes ($495)
  • DentOffice® Professional Electronic Dental Billing & Dental Practice Management Software, 5-User version ($4,995)
  • MD Code Reviewer Software (MDCR): Includes All Medical & Dental Codes (ICD, CPT, HCPCS and CDT) ($595) more info
  • MD Practice Analysis Wizard Software ($595) more info
  • MD Contact Manager (MDCM) Software ($595) more info
  • Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Services. Software ($1995)
  • Patient Well-Care Services ($1,995)
  • One-Year Free Upgrades on all Software

Training and Support:

  • 14 Hours of Focused One-on-One Private Training - This is similar to over 100 hours of training as you'll be doing exercises & completing assignments between sessions (Training Covers MedOffice & DentOffice Software, Sales & Marketing Techniques. Also includes training on HIPAA) ($2,800) more info
  • BCTC Package (Business Consulting, Training, and Coaching) - Unlimited ongoing training! ($9,500). BCTC covers:  
  • Comprehensive Medical Billing Training Manuals (2-Volume, 6 chapters with over 500 pages) on Business Operations, Marketing & Sales ($595) more info
  • Video Training Library ($499) more info
  • Newsletter ($79) view sample newsletter - Stay updated on the medical billing industry
  • Training Certification more info
  • One-Year Support Covers technical, business & marketing support ($1,295) more info
  • Emergency Support Service (ESS) Enrollment ($495) more info

Marketing and Advertising:

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ClaimTek Marketing Material

Receive hundreds of stunning, full-color brochures and flyers that can be personalized with your company information!

These items are written, designed, and printed professionally using high quality, heavy-weight glossy paper to provide you with the most professional image possible. Each service we provide has corresponding brochures. This way you can present all of your services to your potential clients completely and professionally from the first visit.

It is vital to compare this with the competition. Most competitors provide you with only "sample design" or "camera-ready" design. This means that you'll have to write and design the brochures yourself. Then get them printed on your own! This results in frustration, wasted time and effort. It also results in lower print quality as the only cost-effective way to produce them will be using home printers. While the quality of home printers has improved, it is never the same as 4-color process. Some competitors provide ready-to-use brochures albeit only a handful with basic quality. You'll have to come back soon to buy more. Our goal is to help you avoid the "Nickel & Dime" process. So, please compare carefully. The value of our color brochures goes beyond the price per piece. The value is in the production and availability.

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Procedure & Cost Analysis Code Review Flyers

This striking full-color flyer is designed to help doctors become aware of the factors that impact their cash flow. It explains to them how your complimentary offer to perform both the Procedure Code Review (PCR) & the Billing Cost Analysis (BCA) can help them determine the extent of the problem and provide solutions.

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ClaimTek's Medical Billing Business Programs
ClaimTek's Medical Billing Business Programs

Survey Forms

This short survey form can be effective in making an appointment with the Doctor. This survey is the "Bait Piece". It was designed to make Doctors aware of billing problems they are currently experiencing with rejected or delayed insurance claims due to improper coding and/or inaccurate claims transmission.

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Billing Service Brochures

This full color tri-fold brochure explains to health care providers the need for your billing services. This fantastic, well written and professionally designed brochure provides logical and convincing information on how your efficient services can save them money and resources.

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ClaimTek's Medical Billing Business Programs

ClaimScrubber Brochures

This beautiful full-color brochure explains the ClaimScrubber software capabilities to your prospective clients. It explains that by using it, you'll ensure that their claims being filed are completely clean and fully compliant with applicable rules and regulation including HIPAA. This AMAZING software the leading fact-checking system that scrubs claims clean of any time-costly errors before electronically submitted.

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ClaimTek's Medical Billing Business Programs
ClaimTek's Medical Billing Business Programs

Presentation Folders

These folders are designed for serious presentations with special graphics that reflect the professional image of your billing service. They come with two inside pockets where you can insert information, brochures and your business card. It is the ideal way to finish your presentation. These are POWERFUL SELLING TOOLS!

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ClaimTek's Medical Billing Business Programs

Flip Chart Presentation

This dynamic, powerful presentation package will guide you, and your prospect, step by step, to the buying process. This 25-page full-color flip chart is accompanied with a sales script for every page! This script will tell you what to say and how to say it! You can’t get this anywhere else! It’s a ClaimTek exclusive and a powerful marketing tool

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ClaimTek's Medical Billing Business Programs

Rolodex Cards in Full-Color

Rolodex cards make a fantastic way to keep your name within reach at the doctor's office. Unlike business cards, rolodex cards are often kept. They are usually inserted into the official office rolodex where they will always be visible through their attractive tab. Printing these cards on your own can be very expensive. Here again, ClaimTek provides you with the best tools for your business! You get a total of 300 cards that you can personalize with your company information! These rolodex cards list your billing services in bullets and provide contact information for your company.

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Telephone Script for Setting Appointments

This incredible item includes 3 vital elements:

  1. Step-by-Step Telephone Appointment Setting Script
  2. Rebuttals Script
  3. Appointments Suggestions Script: "Dos and Don'ts"

Learn how to effectively setup appointments with healthcare providers. Master techniques of conversation with the receptionist, the office manager and the doctor. Learn how to control the conversation from "Hello" to the End of Call. Respond effectively to responses like: We/I am not interested, I don’t have time to meet with you, Can’t afford to file Electronically/ your services, We are happy with our current situation...etc. Also, learn all about the 10 most important things to do during the appointment!

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  • Practice Analysis Brochures: 200 Full Color Brochures Promoting Procedure Code Review & Billing Cost Analysis (BCA) ($150) - View  - Use to Market to Both Medical & Dental Practices!
  • Survey Forms: Procedure Code Review (PCR) and Billing Cost Analysis (BCA). View
    (These are effective practice management survey forms to be used along with the flyers above)
  • Billing Service Brochures: 200 Full-Color Tri-Fold (six-panel) Brochures Promoting Your Billing Services (100 Medical & 100 Dental Brochures) ($150) - View
  • Well-Care Service Brochures: 100 Full-Color Tri-Folds. This brochure explains the value of your Well-Care services ($75) - View
  • Presentation Folders: 25 Full-Color Presentation Folders (to leave behind after your visit at the doctor's office) ($125) - View
  • Flip Chart: 25-Page Full-Color Flip Chart with Easel and Sales Script ($199) - View
  • PowerPoint Multimedia Presentation: Marketing Presentation Reflecting Your Company Services ($399)
  • Website: Professional & Dynamic Website for Your Business (Your Own Site) ($3,995) - View Sample
  • Sales Leads: Names of 300 Potential Local Leads on disk to be imported into the MDCM Software ($300)
  • The Cornerstones: Sales Letters, Legal Contracts & Forms: 14 Sales Letters, Survey Forms, News Releases, Questionnaires, Proposals, HIPAA Forms and Several Legal Contracts ($995)
  • Effective Telephone Script for Setting Appointments with Doctors! ($495) - View
  • PostCard Printing Portal Access: Unlimited access to ClaimTek’s postcard printing portal where you can personalize, print, and mail 5 different types of jumbo-size (8.5x5.5) postcards ($125)
  • Electronic Marketing Package: Brochures, Flyers, and Letters for Email Marketing Plus Relevant Internet Advertising Content ($495)
  • Dealer License: License to Become a Dealer with ClaimTek Systems. (Buy Wholesale - Sell Retail. As a Principal dealer you can market proven and impressive state-of-the-art software systems. Receive 25% discount on software (for RESALE) and make generous income from training and support fees! We'll show you how to establish a dealership providing sales, training and support in addition to billing services) ($399 annual - Waived with renewal of annual support).



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