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Patient Custom Wellness Program

Medical Billing Services - Practice Management

Increase your chances of gaining access to the health practitioner by leveraging the unique and innovative ClaimTek Business Development System that integrates a customized wellness solution program for the medical office.

The challenges faced by the practitioner are many and include:

  • Decreased insurance reimbursements: average reimbursements are 60%-70%, but some are as low as 30%
  • Continuously growing overhead which presents a challenge for managing a healthcare practice
  • Excessive increases in malpractice premiums - 200% increases with some premiums over $200,000 a year!

The options for the health professional to expand locations, add new associates, create ancillary income, work longer hours, sell their practice for a retirement nest egg, investments, inheritance, or win a lottery, are not exactly optimal! Two ways you can help them generate ongoing operational cash revenue while creating ancillary income for yourself are by:

1) Implementing a complete wellness solutions program - Customized nutritional program tailored to the individual patient's needs while sharing in the bonus plan

2) Time Leveraging- Duplicate your efforts by creating professional alliances with existing physician network.

This elite business development system provides the health professional's clients with a suite of services that will help track and manage all of their health and lifestyle information in one easy-to-use, collaborative online community, an online medical concierge where patients can get instant access to doctors, health coaches and the best products 24/7. It is a vibrant online medical community that encourages interaction and dialogue between members, from patients to medical professionals to individuals, looking to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Some of features for the patients/healthcare clients include:

  • Patient-Managed Health Profiles: a customizable desktop of the patient profile page that includes calendars for appointments, updates from members, blog posts relevant to issues of concern and much more.
  • Interactive Patient Education: Looking for the latest health information and trends? Get in the discussion with community members on our Health Blog. Need to talk with someone but can't get away from home? Discuss issues with your physician or health coach through instant-messaging or video chat with eConsultations.
  • Health Tracker: Keep updated records of vital statistics to view trends that can help you better understand your patients.
  • Online Marketplace: Access hundreds of high-quality health products, a complete line of high quality, advanced and dependable nutritional supplements.

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Medical Billing Services - Practice Management