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Physician Credentialing Services

Medical Billing Services - Practice Management

Healthcare providers can be confused or too busy to do credentialing. Help doctors get this important process done right!

You can ensure that your doctor clients obtain their credentials accurately and on time. ClaimTek has the resources and experience to help you get this process done for your clients in a timely manner. Whether credentialing is being done for a universe of payors or just one payor, doctors simply needs to fill out one application - and leave the work to us!

  • Our professionals handle every detail for you.
  • We contact you weekly to update you on the progress until the entire process is over.
  • We provide you with written reports with our updates.
  • We track all applications submitted and maintain accurate records.
  • We guarantee complete security, confidentiality and accuracy.

As a ClaimTek licensee, you'll be able to provide credentialing services and make extra money with each sign up.

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Medical Billing Services - Practice Management