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Manual Medical Billing

Manual medical billing includes a ton of lengthy activity that requires approximately 77 days of processing time. And if the claim is rejected it can take up to six months before the doctor receives payment. Receiving payment is of vital importance to physicians --- just as it is to any other businessperson. By helping to speed up payment to the doctor, you and your services will be in HIGH demand! This is a vital and valuable service. Here’s how manual billing takes place:

Manual Medical Billing Involves Multiple
Steps. It's Worrisome and Inefficient.

Medical Billing Business Opportunity

National Average: 30% of all paper claims filed with insurance carriers are rejected. Of this percentage, a majority of claims are not reprocessed for payment, resulting in loss of payment to doctors for actual treatment of patients.

Most Healthcare providers focus primarily on providing medical services to their patients. And that’s how it should be, of course. But as a result, the necessary related administrative functions such as claims filing and other aspects of the billing operation & practice management are often neglected or not performed in a timely manner. Medical billing requires industry specific knowledge. This is especially true because of the ever-changing requirements imposed by insurance companies and government agencies. Time and budget constraints --- as well as lack of expertise and inefficiency --- contribute to the problem. Doctors often rely on managerial specialists to help meet the demands of medical billing, processing patient statements, general bookkeeping and more. These staff members come under constant pressures from other important factors at the clinic resulting in poor performance in the vital area of billing, collection, and overall practice management.

This is good news for you! Why? Simply put, it gives you a client for your electronic medical billing & practice management consulting business. You can do the job more efficiently, more quickly and more professionally. You will put money in the doctor’s pocket quicker, cut down on mistakes that delay payments, and bring a superior level of productivity and efficiency to the practice. Read about Electronic Revenue Cycle