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Making it all come true

Picture Yourself in an Exciting and Profitable Medical Billing Business

ClaimTek Systems Medical Billing Business

It’s truly possible to own your own home-based Medical Billing and Practice Management business. Let ClaimTek guide you to success in this growing independent medical service business.

  • It’s a Booming Industry
  • Doctors are Increasingly Outsourcing
  • Interesting and Respected Career
  • Work Day or Night with Flexible Hours
  • Highly Profitable and Recession Proof
  • Affordable Startup Cost.
  • Low Cost to Operate & Maintain.
  • No Experience Necessary!
  • Operate & Access from Anywhere!

When you work with ClaimTek you’ll receive the most complete business program available ClaimTek has proven experience since 1993 in helping people get started in their own medical billing business. We've mastered the tools, techniques and marketing skills that will help you get started. After you make your purchase, it is usually the details that will bring the benefits alive. If you have the right tools, you'll be most competitive, credible and convincing in your presentation and, ultimately, succeed in your new business venture.

Marketing & Building Your Business

ClaimTek will help you build your business with proven and professional steps. We have the experience and knowledge to help you jump-start an effective marketing campaign. We’ve gone to great lengths in developing the marketing materials and training needed to give your business an impressive image. The way to succeed must go through a path of good training and high credibility...

  • Start with solid training on billing, the software and marketing
  • Initiate a proven marketing campaign with professional image
  • Present your company & your services to healthcare providers with high credibility, being one-stop-shop, demonstrating software reporting capabilities, offering free software accessibility options…etc. Draw a great distinction between you and any competitor! (More ClaimTek training & preparation takes place here prior to the presentation)
  • Secure the account and start the billing process accurately and by being consistently efficient (more ClaimTek training takes place here with focus on billing for this specialty)
  • Provide impressive reports, summaries, and illustrative graphical analysis of practice productivity…etc.
  • Automate the revenue cycle process by going electronic all the way around: Send claims electronically, send patient statements electronically, receive and post insurance payments electronically! Spend less time behind the keyboard and more time marketing
  • Build more connections with the doctor's office and increase revenue through the multitude of professional services that you can offer with ClaimTek
  • Cut costs on clearinghouse fees & maintain control of clearinghouse choices! Why pay hundreds per provider per month plus per claim fees as with some competitors when you can have much lower cost or even free?
  • Grow your business through sustained marketing and referrals (ClaimTek will guide you how to enhance PR with your doctors and secure more referrals)