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Remove Distance Barriers with Your Own Web Site! Establish Professional Presence Online Quickly for Your New Business.

ClaimTek's MedOffice software completely removes geographic barriers from your business. The services you provide can be performed from anywhere in the world. This opens up huge new sales opportunities for you. You can search for clients just about anywhere in the country!

That's why ClaimTek provides you with your own Web site. YES, a truly amazing feature of our package that would otherwise cost you thousands of dollars and a huge time drain if you had to create your own web site from scratch. You will receive an attractive Web design of your choice, your own domain name, and hosting services for one year at no extra charge. We've written most of the Web site pages for you. You simply customize them with your company name and any additional data you desire. Your web site gives your business a professional presence on the Internet in a matter of DAYS! This is yet another valuable part of the ClaimTek package.

Physicians and office managers can access your web site at their convenience. They can make inquiries concerning the type of services you provide, download information, exchange e-mail messages with you...etc. You can put your web address on your stationary and your correspondence. You can supply fax on demand information via your web site. This powerful channel of communication with you make it easy for prospective clients to make inquiries about your company.

ClaimTek offers two levels of website designs: Enterprise level for the Director program and Preferred level for the Principal & Preferred programs. You may view samples by clicking on the images to the right.

Enterprise-Level Websites

Medical Billing Marketing
Medical Billing Marketing

With 16 professional interactive websites to choose from with the top-of-the-line Director Program. Featuring modern design, Financial calculators, Reseller status, e-commerce with shopping cart linked to merchant account. Include enhanced contents, graphics, special promotions & additional services to offer health care providers.

Preferred Level Websites

Medical Billing Marketing
Medical Billing Marketing

For the Principal and Preferred Programs. These websites are more than 20 pages deep and gives your business a professional presence on the Internet.