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The U.S. government has put in place a new process by which medical offices will be audited using outside companies called Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC). Their job is to contact healthcare facilities that bill Medicare and arrange to audit their claims to verify that they conform with Medicare rules regarding diagnoses and procedures, and that no claims are fraudulent or have been overpaid.

As a ClaimTek licensee, you can help medical offices prepare for such audits, should they occur. ClaimTek will do the necessary preparatory work that prepares the office for the audit. Our specialized coders will review the medical office's codes, spot check past claims to ensure Medicare compliance, and provide the medical office with a formal report on their audit preparation. For each audit preparation you set up, you will earn a sizeable fee. No other work is required on your part, just set up the audit preparation appointment.

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Medical Billing Services - Practice Management