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Electronic Medical Billing

Healthcare is one of the fastest changing and most politically sensitive aspects of our nation's economy. With more than 1.5 million healthcare providers in the United States filing over a trillion claims, here's what some of the industry leaders and national publications are saying:

Medical Billing Business Opportunity

Computers In Health Care

"About 80% of all healthcare claims originate in the physician's office, but only 3% of these claims are automated. The vast majority are processed manually."

Entrepreneur Magazine

Listing medical claims processing as "One of the top 15 home-based computer businesses..... medical claims processing, though it barely existed 10 years ago, has become a multimillion dollar industry by helping patients and doctors file their insurance claims efficiently."

Physicians Financial News

"The push for electronic medical claims processing is quickly gaining steam and momentum. Several groups have now laid proposals on the table. The goal: All medical claims are to be processed electronically by the end of the decade."

The Wall Street Journal

"The U.S. health-insurance industry is stepping up efforts to solve one of the most intractable problems in the war on health costs: the processing of medical claims. Spurred by political and competitive forces, private insurance carriers are aiming to replace the morass of paper choking the nation's healthcare system with the sort of electronic transaction technology used by banks and airlines."

Medical Economics

"Nearly every doctor who uses the service agrees that electronic claims filing reduces paperwork, cuts staff and time costs, and improves communications with insurance carriers. Most importantly, payment is dramatically faster."

Dallas Morning Star

"Medical claims processing services is one of the top home-based businesses, as identified as best for the nineties."

Northern California Medicine

"Electronic insurance claim processing is a quick, easy method of transferring information directly to insurance carriers. The average turnaround is 14 to 30 days, depending upon the carrier, and errors are virtually eliminated. Best of all, the medical practice will realize a nearly immediate cash flow increase."

Small Business Development Catalog

"Medical claims processing is listed on the ten hottest businesses list. With referrals from doctors and hospitals, your company can grow quickly. One billing center owner says, "he'll make a quarter million dollars on his claims processing this year."

Small Business Opportunities

"The dramatic rise in the number of people who work at home in some capacity is one of the most notable changes of the 20th century. According to recent research conducted by LINK Resources Corporation, a New York based technology research and consulting company, that number is expected to rise significantly."

Business Start-Ups

"Though it sounds prohibitively technical to the average entrepreneur, getting into the medical billing industry doesn't require a degree in medical terminology or a fancy office."

Small Business Opportunities Magazine

"In order to slow the rise in administrative costs of handling medical claims, Medicare will require that all claims filed with them be filed electronically some time in the near future. This will increase the demand for electronic claims filing. Many states, like Iowa, are trying to pass legislation mandating electronic filing."