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Licensing - Become a Value-Added Reseller (VAR)!

Medical Billing Marketing

Expand Your Business and Make Money with Software Sales, Training and Support Services. Receive License as Value Added Reseller (VAR) with ClaimTek Systems!

As a ClaimTek licensee you can receive 2 types of licenses:

  1. Reseller / Dealer License
  2. License to Service an Unlimited Number of Providers


Earn as much as 50% discounts on products...

With ClaimTek, you can provide lucrative services to doctors who choose to do their own billing or simply need new software for the time being. Your business will naturally progress towards this stage once you are established and have gained good working knowledge of the industry. ClaimTek will offer you wholesale prices on our software and show you how to buy hardware wholesale. We will also show you how to bid for accounts and how to price your training and support services. Such consulting can be highly lucrative given that the typical on-site training session costs somewhere between $55 and $125 per hour!

Here's an example of income you can earn from a moderate sale to a small clinic:

Medical Billing Marketing
  • MedOffice 5-user version retail price = $4,995
    Your Wholesale Price as a ClaimTek Director VAR = $2,497.50
    Your profit from software sale = $2,497.50
  • Training: Six Hours (Minimum) at $120 per hour = $720
  • Annual Support Contract = $1,295
    Your total profit for this invoice is $4,512.50

With our Preferred or Director programs you already receive valuable inventory! Included are 5 licensed copies of MedOffice 5-User version ($4,995 each x 5 = $24,975 in inventory value). Once you sell your inventory, you can buy additional software for resale at 40% or 50% discount. Imagine other realistic sales of higher user versions like the 8,10 or 20-users or more! Or the inclusion of more components like the medical code list, driver license swipe reader, ERA, credit card module, or EMR software...etc. Just one sale per month can be lucrative and can strengthen your presence as a credible business.

As a ClaimTek reseller you can earn income from 5 sources:

  • Software Sales: Medical, Dental, EMR
  • Add-on Modules
  • Training
  • Support
  • Clearinghouse Commissions

Below is a table showing sample pricing of the medical software as well as your profit margin as a reseller with ClaimTek Systems.

Profit from Selling MedOffice Medical Software:

MedOffice Software Retail Price Your Price as 'Director' Reseller Your Profit Margin
Single-User $2,495 $1,247.50 $1,247.50
3-User Version $3,495 $1,747.50 $1,747.50
5-User Version $4,995 $2,497.50 $2497.50
8-User Version $6,495 $3,247.50 $3,247.50
10-User Version $7,995 $4,497 $2,998
15-User Version $9,995 $5,697 $3,798
20-User Version $12,995 $7,797 $5,198
25-User Version $14,995 $8,997 $5,998
35-User Version $17,995 $10,797 $7,198
50-User Version $21,995 $13,197 $8,798
75-User Version $26,995 $16,197 $10,798
100-User Version $32,995 $19,797 $13,198
MedOffice is expandable to thousands of users!
Call for pricing for higher user licenses.
Popular Add on Modules Retail Price Your Price as 'Director' Reseller Your Profit Margin
All ICD, CPT, HCPCS Codes on CD $395 $197.50 $197.50
CMS-1450 Module $1,495 $747.50 $747.50
HL7 Link to EMR: 2-Way Interface $1,599 $799.50 $799.50
Driver’s License Swipe Reader $199 $99.5 $99.50
Credit Card Merchant Module $399 $199.50 $199.50
Voice Dictation Module $995 $597 $398
Biometrics Fingerprint recognition $795 $477 $318

Monthly Income from Selling MedOffice as CLOUD or Online ASP Model:

Selling MedOffice as an Online Model typically results in the same profit as the software sale demonstrated above PLUS 40% of the recurring monthly subscription fees collected from your doctor clients. Typical monthly fees are $69/per user per month. For the 3-user example above, the total monthly fees collected are $207 per month, of which you'll make 40% or $83 per month! This fee comes to you consistently as long as the account is active. There is typically no work or support required from your side! Now imagine building your client base to 20, 50 or 100 clients! These are realistic goals if you are serious about business.

Income from Training and Support Services:

As a trained reseller, you keep all fees for your own training & support services. In the initial stages of establishing your business however, if you wish to have ClaimTek train and support your clients, you’ll receive 20% commission on all training and support fees as follows:

Training Retail Price Your Price as 'Director' Reseller Your Profit Margin
INTRODUCTORY: 6 hours of one-on-one sessions @ $120/hour $720 $576 $144
ADVANCED: 8 hours of one-on-one sessions @ $120/hr (-10%) $864 $691 $173
COMPREHENSIVE: 8 hours of one-on-one sessions @ $120/hr (-10%) $1296 $1,036 $260
ON-SITE TRAINING: 3-Day comprehensive training at doctor's location anywhere in the USA $3995 $3,196 $799
Support Retail Price Your Price as 'Director' Reseller Your Profit Margin
Annual Toll-Free Support for Single - 5 users) $1,295 $796 $259
Annual Toll-Free Support for 8-user version $1,295 $1,036 $259
Annual Toll-Free Support for Client/Server versions Between 5-users to 20-users $1495 $1,196 $299
Annual Toll-Free Support for Client/Server versions Between 25-users to 75-users $1,995 $1,596 $399
Annual Toll-Free Support for Client/Server versions 100-users or more $2,495 $1,996 $499

Derive Monthly Income from Clearinghouse Commissions!

While you may pay reasonable fees to clearinghouses approved by ClaimTek when you process claims through them, you can actually now earn commissions from some as a ClaimTek reseller! When you sell software to a clinic, you can start earning monthly residual income immediately when the clinic starts using the software to file electronic claims. Depending on the clearinghouse's charge method, commissions may range from a few cents per claim to a handsome percentage of the monthly fees! This income potential is serious. You can earn residual income for as long as you are in business. 

2. License to Service an Unlimited Number of Providers

You are not limited to a specific location or a geographic area. You may do business in any state!