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The MDCR is powerful coding tool, Complementary to MedOffice, designed to help you jump start you new business

ClaimTek's MedOffice MD Code Reviewer (MDCR) is a unique and versatile Medical & Dental Coding & Analysis software that Includes ALL current CPT, ICD-10, HCPCS & CDT Dental codes. This application has been designed to let you perform two primary functions:

  1. Perform a look-up to verify accepted CPT, ICD-10, HCPCS & CDT codes.
  2. Analyze the procedure codes to determine any possible revenue losses incurred from rejected claim fees due to incorrect codes.


This valuable tool will work with your existing clients data to analyze entries and provide realistic loss estimates arising from incorrect codes. A code review process may end up saving your customers thousands of dollars annually in rejected claim fees.

The MD Code Reviewer enables the user to enter Common Procedural Terminology (CPT) Codes, or Common Dental Terminology (CDT) codes used by a medical or dental practices. Then it compares each user entry against the approved Dental and Medical Codes database. The system reports on the number of incorrect and/or questionable entries, thereby providing information to help the practice reduce rejected claims due to invalid codes. The "Benefits" section provides more insights on how the MDCR can help you jump-start your new business.

The MDCR is versatile, dynamic, and extremely easy to use.

Use ClaimTek's versatile coding software to enhance your marketing and business operations