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Make Great Income Reselling MedOffice®, DentOffice® & EHR Manager! Become a
Value Added Reseller (VAR).

As you market your business to healthcare providers, you'll occasionally encounter doctors interested in running their own billing operation for the time being but intrigued with your MedOffice software. You are able to capitalize on such opportunity and build a relationship with them. This presents another highly viable revenue stream. ClaimTek offers you wholesale prices on software. We'll also show you how to bid for accounts and how to price your training and support services. This area can be very lucrative, as today's typical training session costs between $75 and $150 per hour -- depending on your geographical location and area demographics! ClaimTek helps you turn your startup medical billing from home business into a viable operation with comprehensive services!

Profit from Selling MedOffice® & DentOffice®
as a Stand-Alone Product or as Cloud Services:

When you become a ClaimTek client, you receive discounts as high as 50% on software products (with the Director program), 40% discount as a Preferred program member and 25% as a Principal program member. This translates into hefty profit for you (Click here to see retail pricing for MedOffice). Each sale to a doctor usually requires training and support contract to go along with it. When you feel comfortable with your product knowledge, you can make all the profit associated with training and support. If you choose to buy support for your clients through ClaimTek, you'll make 20% commission. Let's give you an example:

Sale of 5-User Version $4,995
Support contract $1295/year
6 hours of training at $120/hr $720
Retail Sale Price $7,010
Your profit on software: $4,995 x 50% $2,497.50
Your profit on support:(20% if you wish for ClaimTek to handle it) $1295
Your profit on training:(20% if you wish for ClaimTek to handle it) $720

Total profit from this sale: $4,512.
Now imagine having just a couple of sales per month!

You'll already have generous inventory to start with! When you sign up with our Preferred or Director programs you'll receive 5 additional MedOffice software (the 5-user versions, each retailing for $4,995!). You'll already have nearly $25,000 worth of inventory! Our Director program clients are also entitled to receive 5 additional DentOffice software pieces (5-User versions each). That's another $25,000 worth of inventory!

Profit from Selling MedOffice® & DentOffice® Cloud Services:

Earn up to 30% of the recurring monthly subscription fees collected from your doctor clients when they use ClaimTek's Medoffice/DentOffice cloud through your promotions. This fee comes to you consistently as long as the account is active. There is typically no work or support required from your side! With just a handful of clients you can earn hundreds per month. Now imagine building your client base to 23, 50, 100 clients or more! These are realistic goals if you are serious about your business.

Profit from Owning Your Own MedOffice® & DentOffice® Cloud System!

An amazing new business feature from ClaimTek is MyCloud. With MyCloud you can get your own dedicated cloud server with your MedOffice application installed on it. MyCloud can be an amazing profit center where you are the boss! Plant the seeds of your business in the vast fields of your own cloud and let it grow freely. This allows you great control of your business.  See the income potential with your own cloud system here.

Your Income Potential Selling EHR Manager Cloud Services:

Thanks to special pricing from ClaimTek, our licensees can earn amazing income with EHR cloud services! The average cost a health care provider pays for using comprable EHR system is around $399 per month. As a ClaimTek licensee you'll get a huge break on pricing! Your cost per provider will range from just $99 (for our Director program clients) to $199 per month (for the Principal & Preferred programs clients - Requires the addition of EMR enrollment & training package) leaving you room to make incredible monthly residual income. Take a look at the table below:

For Licensees with the Director Program:

of Doctors
Price You Charge Per Doctor Your Cost Per Doctor Gross Profit Per Doctor Profit Per Doctor Per Month Your monthly Profit Your Annual Profit
1 $399 $99 $300 1 x $300   $300 $3600
10 $399 $99 $300 10 x $300 $3000 $36,000
20 $399 $99 $300 20 x $300 $6000 $72,000
30 $399 $99 $300 30 x $300 $9000 $108,000
40 $399 $99 $300 40 x $300 $12000 $144,000
50 $399 $99 $300 50 x $300 $15000 $180,000
100 $399 $99 $300 100 x $300  $30,000 $360,000
Licensees with the Principal & Preferred Programs:
(Requires the addition of EMR enrollment & training package)

of Doctors
Price You Charge Per Doctor Your Cost Per Doctor Gross Profit Per Doctor Profit Per Doctor Per Month Your monthly Profit Your Annual Profit
1 $399 $199 $200 1 x $200   $200 $2400
10 $399 $199 $200 10 x $200 $2000 $24,000
20 $399 $199 $200 20 x $200 $4000 $48,000
30 $399 $199 $200 30 x $200 $6000 $72,000
40 $399 $199 $200 40 x $200 $8000 $96,000
50 $399 $199 $200 50 x $200 $10000 $120,000
100 $399 $199 $200 100 x $200  $20,000 $240,000

Read more about ClaimTek's EHR/EMR under the software section.

The analysis above remains highly competitive with the marketplace. Of course, results will vary for different individuals based on factors like efforts, motivation, business acumen...etc.