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ClaimTek offers several levels of professional entry into the medical billing business. Each level includes our advanced MedOffice software, plus degrees of training, marketing, & support:

Before Choosing Your Medical Billing Program, Consider the Most Important Question...

Before choosing which business entry program is best for you, ask yourself: Are you serious and determined to succeed? If so, then you can be sure that ClaimTek is the company you need to move you to your goals. ClaimTek offers what our competitors simply can't offer. We go to a lot of effort to see that you have up-to-date and state-of-the-art software, services that are unique and designed to push you up the ladder of success quickly and effectively. You also get the finest professional marketing material available along with unequaled training that you won't find anywhere else at any price! Finally, you will get the best support available from the company that knows electronic medical billing & practice management services better than anyone else...ClaimTek.

To be sure, you can buy cheaper business entry programs. But why would you want to sacrifice all you get from ClaimTek for some basic software, poor training, sub-standard marketing and support? If you want to be really successful, this is the place to be and our program is the one you want.

Differences Among our Medical Billing Business Programs

Once you have made the decision to work with ClaimTek, the next question is which entry program to purchase. All of our programs provide our advanced MedOffice software plus extensive training and support. All of our entry programs shine among our competitors. The differences among them can be summarized as follows:


Our software solutions are the most technologically advanced in the country. They include MedOffice, MD Practice Analysis Wizard, MD Code Reviewer, MD Contact Manager, Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), On-line Collections, RBS and others. Each software is designed to perform specific tasks with each one fitting together like a glove on a hand. Our software more than meets the needs of your business. The number and version of these software programs that you receive depends on which business program you purchase.