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Difference Between Preferred and Principal Programs

Since ClaimTek's medical billing programs come with a long list of items, it is perhaps easier to see the difference between packages in the following manner. Below is the list of items that are included with the Preferred program but NOT with the Principal program...


  • MedOffice 10-User version plus Inventory of five Additional Copies of MedOffice 5-User Versions.
  • DentOffice 10-user version in the Preferred vs. 5-User with the Principal.
  • ERA software module for MedOffice (Electronic Remittance Advice).
  • Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Services.
  • Collection Services.
  • Remote Backup Services (RBS).
  • Digital Scanning & Archiving Services (Document Management).

Training & Support:

  • Training:
    Preferred Program: 18 hours of mentor training plus 2 years of BCTC.
    Principal Program: 14 Hours of one-on-one training plus 1 year of BCTC.
  • Support:
    Preferred Program: 2 years of Support, free updates and upgrades.
    Principal Program 1 years of Support, free updates and upgrades.


  • Marketing brochures for EFT.
  • Marketing brochures for Remote Backup Services (RBS).
  • Marketing brochures for Collections Services.
  • Marketing brochures for Digital Scanning Services.
  • Expanded Electronic Marketing Package.
  • Expanded PostCard Printing Portal Access.
  • Preferred Dealer License with 40% discount level. Principal is at 25% discount.

We would like to emphasize that all of our program packages are truly superior to any other program in the market place. You simply cannot go wrong with any of them. Ultimately, you need to visualize the differences between our packages. We hope that this list helps.

When you compare our programs with that of any competition we recommend starting the comparison between our Essential program and their best program. No company out there provides the level of depth that ClaimTek programs offer in terms of marketing items, training through a dedicated personal mentor, and a modern superior medical billing software capable of handling all types of specialties.