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Sampler Package

ClaimTek wants you to make the right decision before you invest your money. We invite you to examine the major parts of our materials. We offer a "Sampler Package" that allows you to have a closer look at the main items included in our programs especially the main software and marketing material. These items are essential to your success and this offer will help you make a well informed decision. You'll also learn a great deal about the industry through our 258-page book titled: "Claim Success!". You have NOTHING TO LOSE and EVERYTHING TO GAIN by ordering our Sampler Package today! “Unlock Your Potential!”

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 ClaimTek - Medical Billing

Our Sampler Package includes the following items:

  • MedOffice Practice Management Software Demo CD
  • Audio CD - All About Our Medical Billing Business
  • ClaimTek 60-Page Information Booklet
  • 20 Brochures Customizable with Your Business Name
  • 14 Sample Postcards Customizable with Your Name
  • Excellence in Medical Billing - Presentation Folder
  • Claim Success! Book - How to start a Successful Medical Billing Buisness
  • MedOffice Practice Management Software Brochure