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Advantages to Your Clients...

Medical Billing Services - Practice Management

Here's why your doctor clients benefit from this outstanding collection service:

  • RECOVER MONEY FASTER: Unlike other collection agencies, past-due accounts are instructed to pay the doctor directly. Collect from both patients and insurance companies.

  • SAVE ON INTERNAL & COLLECTION COSTS: Reduce internal costs by as much as 30% and their collection costs by as much as 50% by using our collection system.
  • RETAIN CONTROL, PATIENT LOYALTY & GOODWILL: Doctors decide when to start collection activity, when to stop, and how they want each account handled; diplomatically or intensively.

  • INSURANCE CLAIM COLLECTION SYSTEM: Significantly reduces the days outstanding for insurance and workers compensation claims and reduces the number of days needed to follow up on claims.

  • DOCTORS ARE KEPT INFORMED: Doctors will know exactly what's going on at all times. They can view a thorough analysis each day (on our Website) that gives them the status on each account under collection. They can also view the history of all present and previous accounts.