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How Our Collection System Works...

Medical Billing Services - Practice Management

Our collection system is extremely "user friendly." Only the patient's name, address, date of discharge or last payment and the amount owed are needed to assign the account for collection. For claim recovery from insurance companies, you may include up to five dates of service. You can assign accounts by simple paper form, or instantly on our Web site under protected ID and password.

  • You simply input incidents into system. One at a time. Just fill out a short form online.

  • When an incident is entered, it sets off a series demand letters. Three to five demand letters get sent by our collection agency, one at a time. The letters are increasingly aggressive and staggered 7 to 15 days apart. These demands advise debtors to contact you or the doctor's office directly to discuss the account or arrange payment on their account immediately. We will also advise them that if they do not respond, you will be forced to use stronger methods to compel their payment.

  • As your debtors respond with agreements and payments, the collection efforts may be suspended or canceled as you wish.

  • Accounts may be suspended from demand activity and reactivated at any time using online instructions. As payments are received they should be entered into the system. This will provide proper balance information on demands and, over time, create detailed collection statistics as they relate to your business.