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Remote Backup Services

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Perform Easy and Safe Backups

With the ClaimTek Remote Backup System, data is stored safely and securely offsite where it can be retrieved quickly and easily 24 hours a day. ClaimTek's RBS software addresses three critical issues to ensure successful offsite backup: Time, Connection Expense, and Security.

  • Time: Our RBS system 'compresses' the data prior to transfer. This means that 100 MBs of data would be compressed to approximately 15 MBs and the transfer takes 40 minutes instead of 5 hours.
  • Connection Expense: Our system leverages your existing Internet connection to transfer the compressed backup files. This means there are no associated long distance charges. You or your clients can backup from anywhere in the world.
  • Security: Our system utilizes multiple layers of access encryption and validation triggers. The security parameters to access your backup files are embedded into the binary code of your individual software installation on your PC. This means site security cannot be manipulated or decoded by a third party. Additionally you can place an 'Unzip' password or PIN number on all your backup files. This means that they cannot be opened by ANYONE except you...period.

Simple Steps to Secure Backup...

You can effortlessly backup your important computer data to our off-site security vault. When you need it, you can retrieve it in just a few mouse clicks!

  • Choose the files you wish to backup,
  • Choose "attended" or "unattended" to send your files,
  • Retrieve your files at any time.

Be assured that your critical files have the best possible protection:

  • Data Compressed up to 15% of original size prior to transmission
  • Scheduled, automatic, and on-demand backups
  • Easy setup and user-friendly interface
  • Off-site storage in secure locations
  • Unlimited number of backups and restores
  • Backup Network Drives
  • Customizable Archives Backup Profiles
  • Secure encryption of files
  • Built-in on-line support