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Remote Backup Services

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Costs of the Remote Backup Service

The retail cost for our Remote Backup Service is $15 per month for 500 megabytes of storage space. However, as a ClaimTek customer you'll enjoy great discounts. Your cost is only $5 per month per 500 megabytes of uncompressed disk space (up to 1 gig compressed!). There is a one-time start-up fee of $999 (This start-up fee is waived for ClaimTek's Preferred program clients).

This pricing strategy is designed to help you grow your business. Besides the obvious benefits of protecting your own data, this system can help you generate extra income by offering it to you doctor clients (and other business clients or any computer user) at the retail cost of $15-$25 per month. Just imagine the potential for this much needed service! Everyone who uses a computer can be your client. Please take a few minutes to do the math to realize the potential. If you sign up only 100 people and charge only $10 per month per 500 megs, your profit would be $500 ($10 - your cost of $5 = $5 x 100 = $500). As far as marketing to health care providers, such professional and reliable service helps you establish more credibility for your new business. The more meaningful services you offer the better your chances of getting the account.

Compare the Cost of Employee vs. ClaimTek's Remote Back Up Service

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To perform a thorough backup, it takes an employee one hour (on average) daily. If the employee is paid $8 per hour, the cost adds up to $2080 annually ($8 x 5 days per week x 52 weeks). ClaimTek's RBS costs your clients only $180 per year. Your cost is only $60!

Besides the obvious savings, the reliability issue is even more significant. Our RBS service does not forget or neglect! ClaimTek's RBS is timely, safe, secure and inexpensive. RBS is a responsible system! See the Benefits of RBS to your billing service.