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Presenting EMR with unmatched features and functions that streamline workflow and dramatically improve patient charting

Off Site Remote Access

Easy connectivity from anywhere! It’s most reliable and most secure method of EHR remote access available today. Our Off Site Remote Access provides real-time access to EHR data from your computer anywhere. All data is secure and fully encrypted, so no VPN is required. Doctors never have to wait for hours as remote and host databases are synchronized. And most importantly, they’ll never have to worry that they’re making critical decisions based on data that may have changed since the last sync routine.

• Access EHR Data From Any Client Computer With An Internet Connection, Anywhere

Medical Billing - EMR/EHR Software

Labs Connectivity

Our established Interfaces automatically deliver discrete lab results to the EMR desktop and offer "Adaptive Mapping" technology that no other EMR/EHR product can match. Now available for Quest, LabCorp, Spectrum, Carilion, Westcliff, Meditech, Clinical Labs of Hawaii, Ohio Health, Banner Health, Doctor’s Laboratory and Interpath with many more labs in development.

• Delivers Discrete Lab Results Directly To The EMR Software

Medical Billing - EMR/EHR Software

File Cabinet Document Center

The EMR-office File Cabinet Document Center is the answer to the problem of managing paper in the medical office. Used in conjunction with the EMR software, the File Cabinet is a comprehensive document management solution that transforms the endless stream of forms, reports, letters and other paper-based data into a valuable information resource. Attach documents to specific patient charts to retrieve, view and edit documents in their native programs. Only our EMR Office offers this unique functionality.

• Store, And Edit Virtually Any Document

Medical Billing - EMR/EHR Software

Productivity Center

The EMR Productivity Center is a suite of The EMR Productivity Center is a suite of integrated productivity tools that enable doctors to write letters, send messages, track staff office hours, process results, retrieve and edit documents and access non-patient related data such as medical websites. All PC tools are tied into the charting system and make it easy to complete most medical office tasks without accessing other resources - or even opening another program. These powerful capabilities are available only with ClaimTek's EMR software.

• Powerful Productivity Tools Are Tightly Integrated With Charting Functionsg alt="Medical Billing - EMR/EHR Software" title="Medical Billing - EMR/EHR Software" src="Images/ProductivityCenterChart.gif" />