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Electronic medical billing offers quick start, low cost approach to big opportunities

The fast-growing field of medical claims processing still has unlimited growth as 60 million baby boomers seek increased medical treatment. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics rates medical claims processing as the nation’s second leading growth industry through 2006. With only 30 percent of claims now filed electronically, there are still many opportunities to gain an edge through technology to handle more than 10 billion insurance claims filed annually.

“Physicians are overwhelmed with paperwork because of the numerous ever-growing health care plans,” said Kyle Farhat, president of ClaimTek Systems. “Doctors are in desperate need of accurate claims processing to restore their cash flow. What’s more, they are willing to pay well for it! In fact, they’re happy to pay for it!! As an electronic medical billing professional, you will be in high demand. It doesn’t take long for good claims processors to have more business than they can handle through doctor referrals alone!”

Starting a medical claims processing business takes more than the desire to work for oneself. It requires the best software and technical support available-a safety net to provide needed backup that keeps the company successful.

ClaimTek’s renowned technical support and one-on-one training turned even first-timers into self-confident computer operators.

ClaimTek’s MedOffice claims processing programs are the stand-out software of the business. Indeed, many licensees abandoned the computer programs used in their previous companies when starting their own business for ClaimTek’s. After all, they were now working for themselves and couldn’t afford second-rate software.

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