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Mr. Rick Benzel, author of "Making Money in a Health Service Business on your Home-Based PC", on ClaimTek Systems:

"In my opinion, Kyle Farhat and ClaimTek are the REAL medical billing specialists if you are seeking to start a new business. Many of you have read my book, so you know that I have interviewed and written about dozens of software and training companies involved in medical billing. After all these years, ClaimTek is just about the only reliable one around. I can personally attest to the dedication, commitment, and expertise of Kyle Farhat, who is an all-around leader in medical billing. He is a smart software developer, an excellent trainer, and a savvy consultant. So if you are seeking to purchase medical billing software and/or training to get your business underway, I fully and confidently recommend ClaimTek as your first choice."

Rick Benzel
Author of Making Money in a Health Service Business on Your Home-Based PC

Author Rick Benzel on ClaimTek in a release update to his book:

"ClaimTek has a unique software add-on program, MedOffice, that interfaces with the Lytec Medical Billing Software. This allows you to put a sophisticated software program into the doctor’s office that handles medical transcription and certain record keeping functions, while you handle the billing. Many doctors prefer this type of system, since they do not want to abandon having control of their records. In this way, ClaimTek helps you overcome one of the objections doctors have to giving you their business. Contact ClaimTek at 800-224-7450."

Page 73 of Rick Benzel's book, on "Electronic Transfers":

"This step involves getting the superbill document from the physician. Some billing services pick up the documents from their clients on a daily or weekly basis; others have the doctor fax them.

Several vendors sell programs that allow you to "download" superbill information from the computer in the doctor’s office, assuming the staff has keyboarded it. For example, the best program of this kind is called Data-Link (previous name for our MedOffice software), available from ClaimTek Systems, a business opportunity vendor in Portland, Oregon. Data-Link (MedOffice) allows the doctors office to key in some of the data; the outside billing service then uses PCAnywhere! Software to tap into the doctors computer and retrieve the data; the service can then process all the claims and do the accounting at night, delivering updated data back to the doctors computer in the morning."