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Small Business Opportunities Magazine recommended ClaimTek's program as one of the top 10 home businesses to start.

The health insurance industry has become for many doctors, a troubled maze of forms, claims, approvals and red tape. There are more than 1500 healthcare plans available and physicians don’t have the full-time staff to process the more than 9 billion claims that are filed each year in this country.

You can turn this nightmarish maze into a strong business opportunity by starting a service business to process medical claims for physicians’ practices that cannot handle the paper flow.

Medical claims specialists can charge by the claim processed ($1 to $3) or charge the physician a percentage of the claim processed.

This is a business that you can run from home with the help of proprietary software and marketing backup. One company offering a medical claims business opportunity package is ClaimTek Systems.

The investment to start your own medical claims processing service ranges from $1,450 to $7,995. ClaimTek provides the software and marketing plans to help you establish and run this business.

The company recommends that you have the following minimum requirements in terms of software and hardware: 486 PC, a hard drive of at least 200 megs, an operating system with DOS/Windows or Windows 95 to NT, a Hayes compatible modem with 9600-28,000 BPS, and a printer with the capability of 80 columns with compressed mode or 132 columns.

According to ClaimTek, physicians like to hire an independent agent to process claims so they don’t have to hire full-time staffers to do the job, and they don’t have to process tremendous multitudes of forms for the various healthcare plans they are involved in for their patients. The software package also means that less errors will occur than if the claims were processed manually, by hand.

There are 1.6 million healthcare providers in the United States and less than 30% of them are now filing their claims electronically. The market potential for this business is therefore huge.

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