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My Cloud

It is Simple, Affordable, Reliable, Secure, and above all, Profitable!

An amazing new business feature from ClaimTek is MyCloud. With MyCloud you get your own dedicated cloud server with your MedOffice application installed on it. MyCloud can be an amazing profit center! Plant the seeds of your business in the vast fields of Your Cloud and let it grow freely.

With My MedOffice Cloud you hit three birds with one smart stone…

1. You get all the benefits of having your application on the cloud (convenient easy access, free usage of your own MedOffice application…etc.).

2. All the control power of having your own dedicated cloud and charging other users monthly fees for access.

3. With MyCloud you create a totally new revenue stream for your business by providing hosting services for your clients instead of referring them. It is like owning a shipping company that works for you for free and ships other customers' goods for profit.

Well, that sounds great but looks like it needs a lot of technical expertise!

Absolutely not! With some IT help you can easily get your own cloud server setup. ClaimTek can do it for you for a reasonable fee.

Ok, but how can I guarantee the integrity and security of my data and client's data? Where Can I have My dedicated server located anyway?

You can choose where to have your dedicated cloud server. We recommend using established and secure platforms from giants such as the Microsoft Azure Network. It’s guaranteed for security and integrity by Microsoft.

Read About Income Potential Analysis:

Take a look at possible income potential with your own cloud system. As a ClaimTek client, you can control your own pricing. We recommend remaining competitive as you'll see from this chart:

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