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MedOffice® Cloud

Access MedOffice® on the ClaimTek Cloud Anytime and from Anywhere!

Yes, along with your employees and your doctor clients, you can have access anytime and from any computer in the world with ease!

As you develop your medical billing business, you may want to use the MedOffice in different ways as it suits your client's situation. MedOffice cloud allows you to work with mobility and to offer some of your doctors and employees the opportunity to log onto the system to do some work or to check insurance claims status, print reports, use the scheduler...etc. Using the MedOffice cloud system makes it easy for you to do this – and you won’t encounter any problems associated with using a browser! The system that you and your doctors will use will always be available, without the risks of a browser performing slow, crashing or freezing.

MedOffice cloud is more advanced than basic web-based applications promoted by competitors. It provides all of the flexibility in terms of functionality, multiple screens, multi-tasking, accessibility, speed, security and control that desktop applications offer.

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