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MedOffice takes medical practice management software design & performance to new levels!

ClaimTek's MedOffice® medical billing software system has been designed for you by healthcare professionals with years of expertise in this exciting field. It is absolutely the latest and one of the most advanced medical billing & practice management software you can find. MedOffice® is the main medical billing software that you'll be using in your billing service. You can submit claims electronically to Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, and all commercial insurance carriers, with capability to process both the CMS-1500 and CMS-1450 forms (the former for Medicare and commercial insurance claims, the latter for hospital claims - As mentioned in previous pages, it is critical that your medical billing service is capable of billing for all types of specialties as this will help the marketability of your new business). MedOffice® includes 100s of valuable reports! It offers additional flexibility for you to design custom reports and forms. (Click the links on the side gray bar to learn more about the fantastic features of MedOffice®).

ClaimTek Systems will teach you two main methods of collecting claims information (called the "superbills") from the doctor's office: 1) the Traditional Method and 2) ClaimTek's Advanced MedOffice® Method. We will explain both methods in detail in the pages of this Software section. First click on each Main Feature link on the left to learn about MedOffice®, then read the tab on MedOffice® Remote, and finally, read the tab on How MedOffice® and MedOffice® Remote Work Together.

MedOffice® medical billing software comes with complete accounting features allowing you to offer a wide range of practice management services to your clients. You can generate monthly patient statements, manage receivables, perform collections, track managed care payments, and post payments and transactions to the QuickBooks accounting system.